Gucci Unveils 'Gucci Valigeria' Travel Collection

Written by Ethan  on 05 Jan, 2024
Gucci Unveils 'Gucci Valigeria' Travel Collection | 1
[Photo Source: Gucci]

The Italian luxury brand Gucci has unveiled a new campaign for its travel collection 'Gucci Valigeria', symbolizing the house's rich heritage and authenticity.

Gucci Unveils 'Gucci Valigeria' Travel Collection | 2
[Photo Source: Gucci]

This campaign showcases the special moments of travel alongside the house's iconic luggage.

Gucci Unveils 'Gucci Valigeria' Travel Collection | 3
[Photo Source: Gucci]

For this, Gucci's global brand ambassadors Ni Ni and actor Zhang Chen, known for their genuine friendship that transcends set and reality, participated together.

Gucci Unveils 'Gucci Valigeria' Travel Collection | 4
[Photo Source: Gucci]

In the new Gucci Valigeria campaign conceived by Creative Director Sabato De Sarno, the two protagonists captured at the airport express the special emotions of traveling with friends who are like family. The campaign emphasizes the value of relationships with those we hold dear.

Gucci Unveils 'Gucci Valigeria' Travel Collection | 5
[Photo Source: Gucci]

The campaign also introduces travel items from the Gucci Savoy line. Additionally, new products with fluorescent colors that capture the house's legacy of travel and modern sensibilities are also available. The Gucci Valigeria collection offers both style and practicality, adaptable to various lifestyles like a companion on the journey of life.

Gucci Unveils 'Gucci Valigeria' Travel Collection | 6
[Photo Source: Gucci]

The Gucci Savoy line, part of the Gucci Valigeria collection, encompasses various travel-related products. Gucci Savoy combines timeless aesthetics with a modern style, available at selected Gucci stores including Gucci houses and the Gucci Cheongdam flagship store, and some products are also available on the official Gucci online store.

The trolleys in the soft product line are available in varioussizes from carry-on to up to 90cm in height, released in beige-brown, beige-blue, beige-ivory colors. Duffle bags are also available in a range of sizes from small for daily use to larger versions.


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