Lovingly Trendy 'Girlcore' Look

Written by Ethan  on 23 Jan, 2024
Lovingly Trendy ‘Girlcore’ Look | 1
[Photo Source=Winter's Personal SNS]

Last year's hugely popular 'Balletcore' look, centered on flowers and ribbons, is expected to continue its popularity this year as it transforms into the 'Girlcore' look.

Lovingly Trendy ‘Girlcore’ Look | 4
[Photo Source=Jang Wonyoung's Personal SNS]

[Girl Core Look] is a term combining girlish and core feelings, emphasizing soft and feminine charm while also representing trendy and contemporary fashion.

Lovingly Trendy ‘Girlcore’ Look | 5
[Photo Source=Mimi's Personal SNS]

Along with this trend, the popularity of accessories like ribbons and hearts that enhance the feminine mood of the Girlcore look is also expected to continue.

Lovingly Trendy ‘Girlcore’ Look | 8
[Photo provided by Third Movement]

Third Movement suggests its original line 'Pleated Ribbon' items that match the 'Girlcore look'.

Lovingly Trendy ‘Girlcore’ Look | 9
[Photo provided by Third Movement]

The 'Pleated Ribbon' series, with its unique design details, includes bold line necklaces, earrings, and rings, making it perfect for styling a more feminine Girlcore look with its distinctive ribbon shape femininity.

Lovingly Trendy ‘Girlcore’ Look | 10
[Photo provided by Third Movement]

If you want to style the Girlcore look more daily, it is recommended to style the smaller sizes (necklace, earrings, ring) of 'Pleated Ribbon' along with the signature item 'Melting Heart Grip Talk'.

The various ribbon items by Third Movement, which can complete the Girlcore look, one of the 24SS fashion trends, are available on the official website (3rdmov.com), 29CM, EQL, W Concept, Musinsa (GLOBAL), and at the offline store Scene located in Seongsu.


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