Daks, New Trench Coat Styling Suggestions

Written by Ethan  on 15 Feb, 2024
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[Photo provided by Daks (DAKS)]

LF's British classic brand Daks (DAKS) announced on the 15th that it will release an integrated collection of men's, women's, and accessories under the theme 'Daks Trench in London (DAKS TRENCH in LONDON)' to celebrate its 130th anniversary this year.

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[Photo provided by Daks (DAKS)]

The collection, designed by Daks' creative director from Burberry, Luc Guadagnino, presents a variety of styles that modernly reinterpret the trench coat, a key item symbolizing Daks, while capturing the brand story unfolding in London, the homeland of Daks. It retains the traditional British trench coat design of Daks as much as possible, while applying trendy overfit designs and bold colors, check patterns, etc., to suggest renewed trench coat styling for this spring season.

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[Photo provided by Daks (DAKS)]

The collection items are categorized into △classic trench coats, △color trench coats, and △trench bags. The 'classic trench coat' line features an overfit silhouette, preserving the traditional trench coat design, and uses durable, high-density 'Taffeta' material to maintain its classic elegance without easily losing shape. Double-button closures, Daks logo buttons, leather buckle coat belts, and the lining's Daks check are applied as design points.

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[Photo provided by Daks (DAKS)]

The 'color trench coat' is a short-length product that retains casualness, adding pink and dark blue colors not commonly seen in trench coats to suggest items that add bright styling for the spring season.

The 'trench bag' line suggests bags that can be styled with this season's Daks trench coat products. For example, the women's 'trench shoulder bag' features a 'D' buckle inspired by the trench coat's belt, making it a key item to complete the trench coat styling suggested by Daks. It uses Spanish imported cow leather for a soft texture and elasticity, comfortably hugging the body when worn.

In addition, Daks' integrated 'Trench in London' collection plans to present a variety of products that can complete elegant and sophisticated styling this spring at Daks offline stores nationwide and LF Mall.

An LF Daks official stated, "This year marks the 130th anniversary of Daks, commemorating its establishment as a globally renowned trench coat brand. We have prepared this integrated collection of men's, women's, and accessories to celebrate, showcasing a variety of new items that harmoniously blend the brand's heritage with a modern sensibility as timeless classic items."


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