Asia's Largest Fashion Culture Market 'Fashion KODE 24 F/W' Opens

Written by Ethan  on 12 Mar, 2024
Asia's Largest Fashion Culture Market 'Fashion KODE 24 F/W' Opens | 1
[Photo Provided by the Korea Fashion Designers Association]

The 'Fashion KODE 2024 F/W', hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Yu In-chon) and co-organized by the Korea Creative Content Agency (Director Jo Hyun-rae) and the Korea Fashion Designers Association (Chairman Myung Yu-suk), will be held from the 21st (Thu) to the 23rd (Sat) for three days at COEX The Plaza Exhibition Hall in Samseong-dong.

Fashion KODE is Asia's largest fashion culture market held twice a year since 2013 to advance South Korea's fashion culture industry. This season, a total of 84 domestic fashion designer brands will participate, showcasing programs such as fashion order meetings, fashion shows, and CODE market.

The Plaza Exhibition Hall, where Fashion KODE is held, is the first eco-friendly concept exhibition hall in Korea that opened on February 14 this year. Aligning with this purpose, Fashion KODE plans to use recyclable modular stage and exhibition booth systems and reusable hangers instead of conventional wood materials.

To minimize unnecessary paper and banners, various printed materials such as leaflets and directory books will be provided via QR codes, and the event will focus on sustainability by using reusable bags.

A separate showroom will be set up for eco-friendly brands such as Vegan Tiger, Linee, Nusmik, and Summertagsol, and the event will provide visitors with clothing resource recycling goods made from leftover fabrics and clothing accessories donated by the Gyeonggi Fashion Creative Studio, thereby increasing understanding of sustainable fashion.

The order fair, with participation from 84 brands, invites leading Asian buyers from Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, etc., who have experience and interest in purchasing K-fashion brands, to ensure tangible order consultation results. More than 60-70% of the buyers from the last season are re-invited to maintain continuous business relationships between participating brands and buyers.

Fashion KODE, as Asia's largest fashion order fair, is improving the quality and professionalism of business matching by setting up a pre-event buyer and brand demand analysis, providing buyer matching tables, and offering overseas expansion consulting.

The fashion shows will feature individual shows from five brands such as Duckdive, Nichetunight, Hanna Shin, Kimouy, and Tripleflute, as well as a joint fashion show from six brands such as Minasong/Ballorain, Blackbist/Perimera, Runecave/Sangmin, with an opening event featuring a fashion show by Korea's representative designer Lee Sang-bong on the first day.

On the 23rd (Sat), the third day of Fashion KODE, a B2C CODE market will be opened, allowing anyone visiting the site to directly experience and purchase products from participating Fashion KODE brands. This is expected to provide the public with the opportunity to experience K-designer brands and enhance the awareness and value of K-fashion brands.

Ms. Park Yeon-ju, the executive director of the Korea Fashion Designers Association, said, "Fashion KODE has been working in various ways for more than 10 years since 2013 to strengthen the market competitiveness of domestic fashion brands, resulting in its growth as a fashion order meeting that allows emerging designer brands to achieve tangible business outcomes. We are focusing on pre-business matching and consulting through the demand survey of brands and buyers, providing multi-faceted support for the overseas expansion of domestic fashion brands."

"Especially, starting from the 24 F/W season, we plan to hold regular events at COEX The Plaza Exhibition Hall to increase accessibility for both domestic and international buyers and brands and to diligently promote K-designer brands closer to the public. In addition, we will continue to address sustainability concerns and strive to transform Fashion KODE into an eco-friendly event," she added regarding the future direction of the event.

For more information and events, visit the official Fashion KODE website and Instagram.


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