Lee Ji-ah 'The Epitome of Elegance'

Written by Ethan  on 20 Mar, 2024
Lee Ji-ah 'The Epitome of Elegance' | 1
[Photo source=GRAFF]

The British high-jewelry brand GRAFF has unveiled a Noblesse photo shoot with actress Lee Ji-ah.

Lee Ji-ah 'The Epitome of Elegance' | 2
[Photo source=GRAFF]

In the photo shoot, Lee Ji-ah suggests detailed and luxurious styling by layering clean and minimal bangles with an elegant dress look. She completed a perfect visual presence that combines her unique charisma and softness.

Lee Ji-ah 'The Epitome of Elegance' | 3
[Photo source=GRAFF]

The GRAFF collection worn by Lee Ji-ah includes new bangle jewelry from the Laurence Graff Signature Collection. The elegantly designed bangles allow for versatile styling and personal expression. The bangles, available in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold, come in a sleek and minimal version highlighting the facets and a version where diamonds shine brilliantly.

Lee Ji-ah 'The Epitome of Elegance' | 4
[Photo source=GRAFF]

The Laurence Graff Signature Collection, inspired by the founder's innate sense of diamond cutting and the house's iconic facet details, honors the dazzling legacy of the founder, who has worked with the world's most beautiful stones.

Lee Ji-ah 'The Epitome of Elegance' | 5
[Photo source=GRAFF]

Furthermore, the collection, showcasing GRAFF's first-ever brand campaign featuring both female and male models, presents GRAFF's inaugural diamond collection, which can be worn regardless of gender.

Lee Ji-ah 'The Epitome of Elegance' | 6
[Photo source=GRAFF]

The collection, adding sparkle to those with an active lifestyle and a pursuit of innovation and design, features clean gold material designs or designs adorned with diamonds in pendants, earrings, and rings.


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