Max Mara X Roblox, 'Max Mara Coats Adventure' Unveiled

Written by Ethan  on 02 Feb, 2024
Max Mara X Roblox, 'Max Mara Coats Adventure' Unveiled | 1
[Photo Courtesy of Max Mara]

Italian luxury fashion house Max Mara has unveiled the immersive experience space 'Max Mara Coats Adventure' through Roblox, a global experiential communication platform with a daily user base of 70 million.

Max Mara X Roblox, 'Max Mara Coats Adventure' Unveiled | 2
[Photo Courtesy of Max Mara]

'Max Mara Coats Adventure' is a vibrant space realized as a unique planet with meadows made of fabric and trees made of yarn. Users can explore the natural landscapes and surreal button buildings, experience the iconic 101801 coat, and undertake various missions freely following the guidance of the 'Teddy Bear'.

Max Mara X Roblox, 'Max Mara Coats Adventure' Unveiled | 3
[Photo Courtesy of Max Mara]

The adventure is composed of three areas: Pattern Lab, Color Parkour, and WunderKammer. Pattern Lab is a virtual tailoring workshop where users solve increasingly difficult puzzles to create various garments. Color Parkour has users running and jumping through courses to collect all the brand's colors. WunderKammer, organized by Collezione Maramotti and co-created with the Reggio Emilia-based art collective Atelier dell’Errore, is an'imaginary wondrous maze' where users can assemble mysterious virtual animals 'Daimons'.

By designing action, puzzles, and exploration tailored to various user preferences, it offers a diverse yet meaningful experience. The project places emphasis not only on the brand's aesthetic image but also on the values of creativity and tailoring expertise. For instance, garments created in Pattern Lab can be combined with colors found in Parkour to create custom outfits.

Luigi Maramotti, Chairman of the Max Mara Fashion Group, said, "As gaming becomes a gateway and means for dialogue with the new generation, Max Mara has paid particular attention to immersive edutainment in this project. From conversing with the Teddy Bear character to gain historical and cultural information about craftsmanship and the textile industry, to collaborating with other users to achieve virtual world game objectives, it encompasses Max Mara brand's representative values of educational entertainment and enhancing knowledge and skills."

This Max Mara project involved the Milan-based game and narrative design studio 'We Are Muesli' and the English Roblox experience development company Poptropica LTD in its production. Max Mara Coats Adventure is currently available on Roblox and can be experienced on Windows and macOS computers, as well as iOS and Android smartphones.


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