Seohyun, Mini vs Long Skirt Styling

Written by Ethan  on 11 Mar, 2024
Seohyun, Mini vs Long Skirt Styling | 1
[Photo Source=Seohyun's Personal SNS]

Seohyun, who often showcases stylish daily looks, has chosen a mini pleated skirt and a vintage leather jacket for today's item.

Seohyun, Mini vs Long Skirt Styling | 2
[Photo Source=Seohyun's Personal SNS]

For the inner, she chose a striped crop tee and created a casual and fresh look with a ball cap and loose socks.

Seohyun, Mini vs Long Skirt Styling | 3
[Photo Source=Seohyun's Personal SNS]

As a point, she matched Celine's Claude shoulder bag.

Seohyun, Mini vs Long Skirt Styling | 4
[Photo Source=Seohyun's Personal SNS]

In another look, she created a stylish outfit with a white jacket and a long denim skirt with an attractive slit. The long length combined with a deep slit gives a sophisticated yet bold feel.

This type of skirt design makes the legs appear longer and due to the slit, allows for relatively free and comfortable movement.

Seohyun, Mini vs Long Skirt Styling | 7
[Photo Source=Seohyun's Personal SNS]

Seohyun has crafted a sophisticated combination that emphasizes a slim figure with a slim-fit white inner and jacket.

Shoes that go well with a long skirt include heels or wedge sandals. Matching them can make the legs appear even longer, resulting in a slimmer overall silhouette. For a casual feel, slingback sandals, flat sandals, or sneakers like those chosen by Seohyun are also good choices.


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