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Outdoor and Sportswear Industry Prepares Diverse Participatory Programs

Written by Ethan  on 13 Mar, 2024
Outdoor and Sportswear Industry Prepares Diverse Participatory Programs | 1
[Photo provided by Eider]

As temperatures gradually rise and the spirit of spring becomes apparent, outdoor activities are also stretching their limbs.

Outdoor and Sportswear Industry Prepares Diverse Participatory Programs | 2
[Photo provided by Eider]

Following the 'Healthy Pleasure' trend that has continued from last year, there is growing interest in sustainable health management, and participatory activities that allow people to enjoy exercise and feel a sense of accomplishment are becoming popular.

Outdoor and Sportswear Industry Prepares Diverse Participatory Programs | 3
[Photo provided by Eider]

Consequently, the outdoor and sportswear industries are organizing a variety of consumer participation programs such as walking and running and are recruiting participants.

Outdoor and Sportswear Industry Prepares Diverse Participatory Programs | 4
[Photo provided by Eider]

The outdoor brand Eider, in collaboration with Orme, is launching the 'Jeju Oreum Tour Project Season 2' and is recruiting participants. Building on the popularity of Season 1 last year, Season 2 returns with a richer program featuring Jeju's representative YouTubers, marine activists, yoga instructors, and drawing authors as special guests for each session. It will be conducted over four sessions, and participants can apply for the session with the theme of their choice.

In the first session, participants will explore 'Fun Jeju Language Learning' on the Seungyi Oreum course with Jeju's representative YouTuber 'WhatLangMan'. In the second session, themed 'Drawing on the Oreum', participants can draw the romantic aspects of Jeju with the daily cartoon storyteller 'Jitoon'. In the third session, participants can enjoy sea plogging with the marine activist 'Deepda Jeju Subin', and in the fourth session, there will be red Oreum trekking combined with healing yoga in a place full of phytoncides. Applications can be made through comments on the event post on Eider and Orme Instagram channels from March 7 (Thu) to March 17 (Sun).

Eider's ongoing walking campaign 'EiderRoad' is also available for participation. 'EiderRoad' is a walking campaign organized to promote the excellence of Korea's trails and spread the culture of enjoyable walking trips. The campaign covers various courses including the East Sea Haeparang Trail, the South Sea Namparang Trail, Jeju Island, and urban areas of Seoul and Gyeonggi, offering choices according to personal preferences. The 'EiderRoad Campaign' can be easily joined through the GPS-based exercise certification application 'Trangle'. Last year, the large-scale hiking festival 'HikersDay', organized as part of EiderRoad, received a positive response and is planned to continue this year.

Black Yak is hosting the trail running competition 'Black Yak Trail Run 50K 2024 Jeju' on April 20th. Following the 50th anniversary last year, the 'Black Yak Trail Run' is the second trail running competition held in Yak Village in Seogwipo City, Jeju. Participants will start from Yak Village and need to complete a circular course of about 57km, passing around Hallasan Mountain within the time limit.

Especially in this competition, participants can gain both UTMB Index and International Trail Running Association (ITRA) points, which are qualifications for the dream stage of trail runners worldwide, the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) event.

K2 is conducting recruitment for the '2024 AWESOMEDOOR' supporting outdoor activists who enjoy various challenges until March 28th. 'AWESOMEDOOR' combines 'AWESOME' and 'OUTDOOR', and is K2's flagship campaign supporting amazing people who engage in incredible activities in various outdoor settings.

The 2024 K2 AWESOMEDOOR campaign is open to anyone planning domestic or international outdoor challenges such as mountain climbing, hiking, backpacking, exploration, and travel from May to September. A total of three teams, either individuals or groups, will be selected, and the final AWESOMEDOOR participants will receive support including K2 products and funding up to 15 million won depending on the activity.

Descente Korea's premium sports brand Descente has started registrations for the '2024 Descente Energize Relay' marathon event, which will be held at the Olympic Park Peace Gate Plaza on May 19. The event involves a non-competitive relay running on a 5km loop within the Olympic Park, with total distances of 20km divided into 2-person relay running and 4-person relay running categories. The competition is open to 1,000 participants, and registration is first-come, first-served starting at 10 a.m. on March 7 via Descente's official online store.

Outdoor and Sportswear Industry Prepares Diverse Participatory Programs | 5
[Photo provided by New Balance]

E-Land World's global sports brand New Balance is planning to hold its first half marathon event, the 2024 Run your way HALF RACE INCHEON, on March 30th.

Kim Yuna New Balance Run Your Way Campaign New Balance Running Content
[Photo provided by New Balance]

Ahead of this, the 'Run Your Way' campaign featuring ambassador Kim Yuna is being launched.

An Eider representative mentioned, "In anticipation of spring and planning outdoor activities, we have prepared Eider's unique participatory programs where participants can feel a sense of accomplishment and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We hope you enjoy a meaningful spring greeting with trekking against the backdrop of Jeju Oreum and special guests."


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